Beekeeping Presentations

We are happy to supply a beekeeping educator for events and organizations that request one. From a slide presentation to a live beekeeping demonstration, we can open your eyes to the fascinating world of honeybees. 

Prices can vary but generally the cost is $200 for the first hour $80 per hour after that.

Beekeeping 101: Intro to Beekeeping 

Have you ever been curious about beekeeping? Come try out our primer course on beekeeping in the city! Using our 50 years' beekeeping experience, we will explain the ins and outs of how to get started in beekeeping including startup costs, needed equipment, basic managerial responsibilities of maintaining a hive, and more!

Classes will be held at Rebuilding Exchange.

Beekeeping 102: Hive Management For New Beekeepers


Learn everything you need to know for a successful first year of beekeeping. This workshop will give you the information you need to keep your hive healthy and successful. Learn the timing for inspecting your hives, inspection techniques, how to recognize swarming behavior and much more. Class will be held at Rebuilding Exchange

Native Bee Diversity 101

Did you know that Chicago has about 400 species of bees? The honey bee is just one. There are also green bees, blue bees, bumble bees, and many more. Join Brittany Buckles from The Hive to learn about the value and diversity of native bees within the city.

Build Your Own Native Bee Hotel

Now that you have learned about the value and diversity of the hundreds of species of bees in Chicago in the Native Bee Diversity 101, join Brittany Buckles from The Hive to build your own native bee hotel for cavity-nesting bees. Class will be held at Rebuilding Exchange.

BYOB: Build your own Beehive


Ready to start beekeeping? Come with unbridled enthusiasm for beekeeping, leave with a fully assembled hive and beginning beekeeping book! Follow along as we explain what goes into a hive and how assemble one with the pieces we provide. We will work with you step-by-step so that by the time you leave, you will have your own hive including a 10 frame hive body with frames and foundation (2 Mediums or 1 Deep - your choice), inner cover, outer cover, bottom board, entrance reducer and Beginning Beekeeping Book.

Class will be held at Rebuilding Exchange.