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For Beekeepers

We offer beekeepers across Chicagoland a variety of products, services and classes designed to meet your specific needs. We have all hive types, tools, spare parts and any other equipment you may need (or not know that you need).


Ready to extract your honey? We can help make it an easy process.

Just don't know what's going on with your hive? Contact us for a consultation.

Want to advance to the next level of beekeeping knowledge? Check out our classes.


Package Installation 

Need help installing your new bees? We can help. We have a limited number of appointments available to help you install your bees.


Honey Extractor Rental 

2 day rental starts at $55 for a 3 frame extractor, and includes a gated bucket with filter and uncapping tool. 

Honey Extraction Service

Have us extract your honey for you!

No mess! $75 for the first 10 frame super and $25 for additional supers. 


Beeswax Milling

Hand-milled beeswax foundation from either your wax or ours.  Foundation made from our wax is available as a custom order in our online shop. 

We can render and press your beeswax into shallow, medium or deep foundation sizes. Contact us for a quote

Hive Consultation

Having trouble with your hive? Confused or unsure how to manage your colony for continued success? Call us in and we will inspect and advise you.

A one hour consultation is $75.

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