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Fun Times at the Farmers Market

So this past Thursday at the weekly South Loop Farmers Market, we did things a little differently than usual. We brought along our team of beekeepers and put up a demo hive as well as brought on a new team member, Edwin Serrano. We also premiered our Bella Beez Sparkling Honey Water made from our urban honey. What a day! We had a constant crowd of people around our booth and it was a fantastic learning experience for us as well as the market attendees, getting to know our customers and their thoughts on beekeeping, our honey, and our honey beverage. Our founder Thad Smith helped man the booth and talked beekeeping, honey, and our greater mission and purpose.

Our new member Edwin is extremely personable and such a delight to be around! I mean, the pictures speak for themselves.

We also had our head beekeeper on site, Naaman Gambill, who loves talking about bees. He was hanging around our demo hive answering questions and assuring people that the bees couldn’t escape!

Finally, we had Jessica Spruit, social media maven, beekeeping novice, and photographer capturing the event on film. We really enjoy the South Loop Farmers Market because there really is something for everything. There is a mission store for those seeking thrifty deals, plenty of local foods, live music, and even a children’s area!

If you’re interested in local foods, beekeeping, honey, etc you should come check us out at any of these farmers markets:

South Loop Farmers Market Every Thursday from 4-8pm, 2nd Presbyterian Church – 1936 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL

You can come try samples of our light and dark honey, our Bella Beez Sparkling Honey Water, ask about beekeeping, and check out our demo hive if it’s available at the time. See you there!

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