September 27, 2015

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Winter is Coming… A Call for a Vigilant Beekeeper

December 2, 2015

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Support the Growth of Beekeeping in Chicago

October 23, 2015


I often think that I was born during the wrong time period. I would be comfortable behind an ox and plow, would love to have only a home phone, and dream of a day where emails don’t exist. But the reality is just that, and one cannot pick and choose the hand they are dealt (especially anachronisms and choice of modern medicines).


So as a “Millennial” I know that I am supposed to be comfortable addressing the forum of the interwebs, but alas I am not. However, I will try to harness it briefly so I might tell you, friends of Westside Bee Boyz LLC, that we are grateful for your support and tell you that we are excited about our future plans and hope you are too.</