I wrote a letter to Nick Offerman the other day

I wrote a letter to Nick Offerman the other day. (Click here to read the letter.) The reason for this sudden outpouring of creativity and fanboy-dom isn’t entirely not because I feel like we could be “besties”. Quickly, let’s just state facts:

  • Nick and I are both Midwesterners.

  • Our names both begin with the letter “N”.

  • He digs Wendell Berry and devoted a chapter to Mr. Berry in his latest book, “Gumption” which you can find at any reputable bookstore (you’re welcome Nick, I got your back bro).

  • Manly facial hair… Check.

  • Outdoorsman, duh.

  • Cubs fan. Would have been a deal breaker if he were not.

But the true reason that I wrote to Mr. Offerman and the Offerman Woodshop is because of my latest venture.

As many of you (and by many, I mean most family members whom feel obligated to read these sporadic posts) know, early this month Thad, John, and myself had a “soft open” to showcase our building “The Hive: Chicago’s Beekeeping Supply Store.” We had a great time and were buoyed by the 100 plus friends and beekeepers that came out in the cold to celebrate our folly with us.

The Hive will hopefully serve as valuable resource to Chicago beekeepers and enthusiasts. Rather than order from a big beekeeping supply store (yes, mom, they do exist), urban beekeepers can call upon us and have the materials they need in a pinch. Also, The Hive works collaboratively with Westside Bee Boyz, but is a separate entity and I’m at the helm, so keep those fingers crossed!